CBD And Hemp Oil For Pets

CBD and Hemp Oil for Pets

Hemp oil for cats and dogs is a newer topic than how our health is supported by hemp and CBD. It’s not so much about hemp oil for dogs and cats vs CBD oil, either. They can each do helpful and different things. According to Dr. Carine Laporte, VMD “The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) functions the same way in people as it does in dogs, cats, and other animals. In reality, all animals have an ECS. This includes horses, rabbits, monkeys, dolphins, elephants, and even sea urchins, to name a few.”

Considering the benefits of hemp and CBD for humans, it makes sense that there are a plethora of potential benefits for pets. There are many questions that remain, such as can you give dogs hemp oil, can you give CBD oil to puppies, or what dosage of CBD is good for an anxious pet? Point blank, there is no singular answer to these questions, and they can’t be answered in a google search. As with any ingestible supplement for your pets, a medical professional should be consulted for proper dosage. For example, our Thera-Pets Hemp Oil Tincture may provide the following benefits; increase stamina, energy, and overall lifted attitude and spirits of your animal. However, it is with the guidance of your Veterinarian that you’ll find the correct dosage to best benefit your pet.

Benefits of Hemp Oil For Pets

Hemp extract for cats and dogs is recommended for the support of anxiety and aging, or for those diagnosed with cancer. The potential side effects of hemp seed oil for dogs and cats can be really positive, check it out for yourself on our shop page.

Apart from ingestibles like our tincture drops there are topical hemp oil uses for dogs and cats.

Topical CBD For Dogs and Cats

CBD pet tincture for cats and dogs can also be very beneficial! When you get home from a long walk or a big hike, it’s a great way to help support good paw pad health. If your pet has experienced an external injury, products such as our Wound & Skin Relief gel can really help.

CBD Wound & Skin Relief For Pets

Our hemp seed and CBD-rich oils provide natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help your pet with anything from minor scratches, cuts, and scrapes to post-surgical wound care.

Hemp Seed and CBD Rich Oils

Of the many hemp oil for pets benefits, the natural and powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties are astounding. Keep your precious pets' wounds, cuts, and surgical scars clean without putting foreign chemicals on their skin.

Talk to your vet and see what dosage of our Thera-Pets Hemp Oil Tincture would work best for your pet. Grab our Wound and Skin Relief, especially with winter approaching, you don’t want to let your pup's paws to get raw. Explore all the ways hemp seed and CBD-rich oils can support your dog's mental and physical health.

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