Hemp Body Care, Benefits and What to Use

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Hemp Body Care

Exploring Hemp Lotions, Hemp Oils and Hemp Balms

Self-care has been a pretty hot topic over the last many years but has particularly become important throughout the pandemic. Whether you’re working in an essential position, are fielding homeschool and remote work, or not, amping up the self-care is always wise. Many of us have been spending a lot of time inside or with masks on for prolonged periods and our skin is taking the brunt of it! This is yet another scenario that using hemp-based products can support your physical and mental health greatly. Below, we’ll break down the potential benefits of adding hemp oil-based products to your self-care routine.

Hemp Body Products

According to this medically reviewed article on WebMD from December 2020, hemp seed oil has tremendous value to overall skin health. “A dermatology study found that oral consumption of hemp seed oil improves symptoms of atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema. Researchers attribute these results to the fatty acids found in hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil is also useful in treating other skin conditions, such as cradle cap, psoriasis, and acne. In addition, hemp seed oil strengthens the skin and makes it better able to resist infection.”

This is why we carry a full line of body care products for external use, as well as ingestibles. You can read about the benefits of ingestible CBD and Hemp Oil by clicking here. You can also explore our ingestible options, such as gummies and our full or broad spectrum tinctures on the shop page.

For this blog, we’re going to focus more on the topical hemp oil benefits that we make. All of which have the benefits of hemp oils, as well as their own unique and healthful attributes. This includes our Hemp & CBD Body Lotions, Citrus Tranquility Foot and Bath Treatment, Max Sore Muscle Balm, and Wound & Skin Relief and Wound & Skin Repair.

Below we’ll break down the benefits of each of these hemp oil extract-based topicals in detail.

Hemp Oil Lotion Benefits

We have a wide range of hemp body moisturizers that can provide many different kinds of physical and mental support. Each uses a combination of non-GMO hemp seed oil and other oils such as organic aloe vera, organic jojoba oil, and organic coconut oil, depending on the blend. All are non-clogging and designed to enrich and hydrate your skin. They may also reduce scar tissue damage, lessen irritation and redness, as well as tighten and firm your skin.

Hemp Lotion Scents & Uses

Nature’s Root has a number of infused hemp lotions with varying scents that can all have wonderful effects. We have made numerous lotions that offer soft and luxuriating effects. The Soothing Lavender (with rosemary) is easeful and calming by blending hemp oil and lavender, which is well known for its mollifying effects. The Relaxing Ylang Ylang says it right in the name, capitalizing on the naturally calming influence of ylang-ylang and the total body wellness of hemp. The Balancing Frankincense combines the benefits of hemp and frankincense which provides anti-inflammatory, analgesic, tranquilizing and anti-bacterial effects according to National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information. Some of our customers are now skipping the subscription at the pharmacy to get the same effects from organic and plant-based products. We love to hear it!

Hemp and Self-care

Self-care can often be synonymous with getting calm and quiet. However, sometimes we need a little pep, or we need a bit of support with some physical and/or mental recovery. That’s when the following options come in really handy. We formulated the Energizing Citrus to get you a hydrating and boost that also smells incredible. The Stress Release Green Tea Lotion can provide nice mental activation and clarity combined joined by green tea’s naturally existing theanine. This is an amino acid that has been shown to assist with mental relaxation and keeping stress levels down. You can learn more about the positive effects of theanine on the National Library of Medicine National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website, it has a lot!

When it comes to physical recovery, the Max Sore Muscle Lotion and Max Sore Muscle Balm should not be passed over. They are award-winning and highly reviewed by everyone from athletes, to Moms, people in cancer treatment and everyone in between. You can read more about those products and our Citrus Tranquility Foot and Bath Treatment here!

Hemp Skin Care Products

Try hemp for skin, mind, and total wellness. Curious about more benefits of hemp and CBD? Check out our blog full of helpful facts and resources, as well as our FAQ. Can’t find what you’re looking for there? Please don’t hesitate to reach out via out contact page, we love to talk about hemp and CBD!

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