What Are The Benefits Of CBD Coffee?

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Coffee?

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Coffee?

If you tend to be an anxious person or have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, drinking coffee can be tough. Do you have a sensitive stomach and the acidity of coffee makes it difficult to enjoy? Does any or all of that sound familiar? If so, CBD infused coffee might just be the way for you to enjoy a delicious cup of java again!

Even if you have an iron stomach or you’ve barely had an anxious thought, CBD coffee is for everyone. If you’re going to drink coffee to feel awake, why not pair it with the positive effects of CBD? Drinking decaf coffee just for the flavor? Same deal - you might as well have some added health benefits to that cup of joe.

About CBD Coffee

Positive Mental Effects

So, what is it about CBD Coffee that makes it more approachable to people with anxiety or sensitive stomachs? Well, let’s start by looking at what regular coffee that contains no CBD can cause. The side-effects include, but are not limited to, sleep difficulties, nervousness, restless legs, and an anxious mind. It can also cause an upset stomach, nausea, and an increased heart and breathing rate.

How does CBD help combat those side effects for some people, then? Well, as stated in a former blog entitled “CBD Ingestibles” - "Our CBD can aid with anxiety relief, positively impact your mental health, as well as enhance clarity and alertness. They are naturally antioxidant-rich and support restorative balance in your internal body.” In other words, CBD can naturally counteract some of the negatives that come along with drinking coffee. This is because CBD can have a soothing effect on both the physical and mental bodies. For many, the calming effects of CBD are why they use it to support their mental health.

CBD With Coffee

Helpful Effects For Sensitive Stomachs

What about the folks with sensitive stomachs? How does CBD with your coffee help with this? The calming effects mentioned in the above section can reduce the increased heart and breathing rates related to caffeine. As a result, this can diminish nausea affiliated with those side-effects. Equally, there have been studies into CBD’s effectiveness to help with GERD, otherwise known as severe heartburn or acid reflux.

    The main takeaways from this article are:
  • CBD role of the Endocannabinoid System. CBD helps by engaging with the ECS and CBRs[1] in the body (cannabinoid receptors). CBRs influence gastrointestinal immunity and movement motility and gastrointestinal acid secretion, nociception and emesis pathways, and appetite regulation.
  • CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties[3] also help regulate intestinal propulsions’ movement and volatility. CBD engages with the soft muscles surrounding the gastrointestinal system, causing the muscles to relax.
  • Manage the secretion of gastric acid. CB1 receptors in the stomach suppress gastric acid secretion[4]. CBD reduces esophageal lining inflammation and reduces the danger of overburdening the gastroesophageal space.

We encourage you to read the full medically reviewed study about this here, it’s fascinating! https://www.healthcanal.com/best-cbd-oil/gerd

In short, CBD in coffee can act as a natural soothant to all of the negative effects caffeine can have.

Best CBD Infused Coffee

Well, there’s a reason we work directly with Supreme Origin. Their Whole Bean CBD Coffee blends are not only delicious, but filled with the benefits of CBD. Their CBD Medium Roast Coffees each contain 250mg of organic hemp CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate. All of their coffee beans originate from Colombia and have been curated by world renowned coffee producer Mauricio Shattah. Check it out for yourself! We also offer CBD Coffee Gift boxes, think about that while Holiday shopping this season.

Speaking from a first person perspective as the blog writer, CBD coffee is all I can drink now. For me, I’m alert, awake, and focused without any of the jitters or tight belly. Equally, when it comes to the price, yes CBD coffee can cost a bit more, but I drink so much less of it. One good cup of CBD coffee has me well set for a very productive day. I can’t recommend it enough.

We hope trying CBD coffee is as wonderful for you as it has been for us!

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