The Story and Benefits of the Industrial Hemp Plant

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Let’s pretend for a second that you were JUST introduced to this brand-new plant extracted product that had a positive universal effect over the body, reduced particular ailments such as inflammation/pain, had a number of ways to use the plant that would benefit both our lifestyle and the earth and has been around and highly sought after for over 12,000 years. Based on those 4 statements - would you at this point be interested in hearing more? Thought so….

Introducing to you a modern day “superfood” the one and only Hemp Plant.

Similar to products such as Turmeric, Acai, Kale, and Chia we have all experienced a buzz around these products introducing them today in just about every form and combination possible. Now by definition a super food is a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Great news – hemp not only classifies under that definition it also expands outside of food. Environmentally sustainable and one of the most versatile plants out there, hemp can support clothing material, paper, fuel, shelter, replace plastic, medicine and cosmetics.

Clearly deeming it a "Super Plant" - why has it been suppressed?

Now let’s break this down – Why has the hemp plant been suppressed?  Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant – the L Sativa plant. The only difference is through U.S regulations which states hemp is defined by a .3% or below level of THC and marijuana above .3%.

To sum up the details of why hemp was indeed criminalized and outlawed under the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. During Hoover’s presidency cannabis was deemed a threat to billion-dollar industries and declared “dangerous”. Now remember, cannabis acts as the umbrella to two different strains; marijuana grown for high counts of THC which is includes a psycho-active effect on the body and on the other side is hemp which is grown today with high counts of CBD which creates a NON-psychoactive effect but relieves pain, inflammation along with other various health benefits. Understanding that we have opinionated, bias news today, we can now relate with what was happening back in the early 1900s. Propaganda targeted negatively towards the cannabis plant instilling “fear” to indeed stay away. Then in 1970 under the Controlled Substance Act “cannabis” which is hemp and marijuana was considered a Schedule 1 drug alongside heroin, cocaine and meth. Seems interesting to criminalize a plant knowing that all government documents such as The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution are written on hemp paper and the government also holds three patents on its neuro-protective properties. In recent news on June. 26th 2018 the FDA approved a synthetic CBD for pharmaceutical distribution. Again, interesting!

Tides are turning - What’s the situation on hemp now?

Illegal to test or study under the Controlled Substance Act it wasn’t until February 7, 2014, President Barack Obama signed into place the U.S Farm Bill into place which states, a removal of federal restrictions aimed at growing industrial hemp and allows any states that have legalized its manufacturing to set up research programs to study the benefits of cultivating it. Now up against a revised Hemp Farm Bill of 2018 which is now moving on to the Senate floor would completely legalize hemp production including CBD usage. Continuing to make breakthroughs every day with this incredible plant – scientist and universities have been working hard to prove the positive theories that have been stated in studies by other countries for years and help the government and people understand better what we are working with.  

The Hemp Plant - In a nut shell...

Working with the hemp plant a “super plant” has many facets to it. Knowing that you can use it with such diversity and balance within our ecosystem seems foolish to not promote it positivity. Known for its support in various ways I am going to just go ahead and list a few;


Overall Uses:

Internal Use That May Benefit the Following:

External Use That May Benefit the Following:

Replace plastic

Pain Reliever

Anti-inflammation/Pain Relief



Decreases bruising

Material for homes

Aids in weight management

Increases healing time

Replace paper

Regulates hormones

Restores skin to balanced state


Deceases mental illness

Non-clogging/ Acne prevention

Detoxify Soil


Headache. Migraine prevention


This super plant has a story to tell – a story that goes back 12,000 years with many different sustainable usages and benefits. We ask that you allow her to tell her story and support her continued journey as we evolve.


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