Changing the Spa Industry through the Power of Hemp

Changing the Spa Industry through the Power of Hemp

Day Spas. Say that word twice and you might as well sit down and take a load off. Say that word three times and you are on your app or phone making an appointment with your best friend. Oh how we love to do everything in pairs. Now - would if the spa coordinator on the other line shared with you that they had a brand new treatment and only to name a few of the benefits, it guarnateed relaxation, reduced aches and pains and left your skin feeling dewy, subtle and soft. It is our CBD Rich Therapeutic treatments derived from Hemp. You think to yourself I need this….my neck is killing me, I have been used as a jungle gym for the past 3 hours by my beautiful children and to sum it all up I had a long and intense couple days at work. Duh….sign me up. Actually do you have opening for that right now? And what the heck is CBD?

Sign me up…What the heck is CBD?

To briefly sum up what CBD (Cannabidiol) is – derived from the hemp plant, it supports homeostasis for the body and mind WITHOUT the “high” like it’s sister marijuana. CBD is part of 108+ naturally occurring cannabinoids that support the endocannabinoid system within the body. It’s incredible, very similar to an adaptogen. Basically, all you need to know is, it helps with a wide range of things from reduction of pain and aches to mental health to eliminating cancer cells. It is a super plant.

Combined with the power of touch, relaxation and good for the soul products - a unique partnership is born between spas across the world and Nature’s Root. A common mission to help and serve people with organic, impactful hemp products that will deliver instant relief to a variation of systems. You mean to tell me there is a product out there that is not only natural but effective on my first use?

Changing the way spas do business…

As the first ever Hemp Spa Network we pride ourselves on our partnerships and all that goes with it. Vail Vitality being one of those partners not only helps to shape CBD treatments for Nature’s Root but truly sets the bar for spas around the world. If you have not been to Vail you should go. If you have not been to Vail Vitality you should probably consider booking your trip now. It is an experience of a lifetime.

Customer service, high-class and integrity is at the top of their list along with genuinely caring about every guest that walks through their doors. As companies such as Vail Vitality continue to set the bar with Nature’s Root products we couldn’t be more proud in not only our partnership with them but the way ALL partnerships help shape the way we do business.

That “shape” is to serve others with products that are sourced ethically, developed with love, and help promote the best version of yourself. Whether its booking your world class spa experience with spas such as Vail Vitality or trying Nature’s Root products out in the comfort of your own home, you are sure to be guaranteed one thing, a uniquely restorative perspective of holistic wellness that truly delivers incredible results to many people around the world.

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