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Get all three Inhalers with the Variety Pack: (1) DEFEND Anti-Viral Inhaler, (1) CHILL Anti-Anxiety Inhaler, (1) THINK Calm & Retentive Inhaler

DEFEND Anti-Viral Nasal Inhaler is an aromatic oil that boasts a memorable overall sweeter scent.
THINK Calm & Retentive Nasal Inhaler is an aromatic oil with a compelling overall earthy scent.
CHILL Ant-Anxiety Nasal Inhaler is an aromatic oil with a satisfying overall fruity scent.

DEFEND: Defend against seasonal health vulnerabilities, breathe easier, and strengthen the immune system.
THINK: Ease rapid thoughts and undesired emotions, while powering a positive, creative mindset and strengthened memory retention.
CHILL: Calm angst and fretfulness while boosting mood.

Consider using anytime day or night when experiencing episodes of extreme thoughts, fast paced emotions, cloudy memory, and low energy feelings. Our Think blend helps strike a positive flow of thoughts, a sense of creative thinking, and stable memory.
*For even greater results combine with Think Body Serum.

Breathe in each nostril for 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds and release for 4 seconds. Repeat up to 4 consecutive times and as often as needed.

1) Twist cap off
2) Place the inhaler slightly inside your nose and inhale gently for 4 seconds and then exhale for 4 seconds.
3) Repeat in the other nostril.
4) Relax and enjoy the aromas and benefits.
Temporary burning, sneezing, or nasal discharge may occur. Keep out of reach of children

*Use of this inhaler by more than one person may spread infection.
*Do not use if you are allergic to any of its ingredients.
*Adults and children 12 and above.