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Chill Body Serum

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Chill Better Body Serum is an aromatic blend with a satisfying overall fruity scent.  Chill Better Nasal Inhaler has a complex fruity frame layered with undertones of sweet pine and kush, ending with fresh sticky notes.  The aroma will tantalize your senses.

Calm angst and fretfulness while boosting mood.

Mood Enhancer                Stress Reducer              Calm Distraction

Anti-Inflammatory            Anti-Spasmodic            Calm Nervousness


Consider using anytime night or day to ease episodes of anxiety, stress, nervousness, etc., and to help relieve tension and bring a sense of balance to your world.

*For even greater results use in conjunction with the Chill Nasal Inhaler.


Apply an average of 1-3 pumps topically to targeted areas. Generally, apply to the upper chest, behind ears, belly button and or base of feet.