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Fall Blow-Out: Sore Muscle Lotion 350 - Wholesale

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Enhance the way you feel with our Therapeutic Sore Muscle Lotion which is packed with 350mg of Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil providing additional support for all your aches and pains. Organically crafted, this product will benefit you in a number of ways not just in relieving pain but will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft.

May Benefit:
• Stimulates circulation
• Improves bruising spasms & nerve pain
• Reduces inflammation
• Reduces feelings of pain & body aches
• Reduces redness & irritation
• Supports neuropathy
• Reduces free radicals
• Intensely hydrates the skin
• Increases muscle recovery time
• Heating & cooling sensation 

Key Ingredients: 
Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil (350mg) 
Aloe Vera 
Jojoba Oil

Batch Information: 

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