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Mixed Stick Case 225 - Wholesale

Our newest 225 mg sticks all in one case                                                                           4 Extreme, 4 Itch ,4 Brain

*New Extreme Balm 225 With 4x’s the power of hemp oil extract than the “Max” strength.  It is optimal for tackling many inflammatory and physical discomforts. It may relieve achy, tight or strained muscles, arthritis, cramping, and a variety of additional muscular and/or nerve pain.                                                                                                                                      Re-apply as desired.

*New Itch Balm 225 Use for bug bites, stings, scratchy, itchy skin, rashes and more...  Stop the itch with Itch Balm 225. Kid friendly.                                                           Re-apply as desired.

*New Brain Balm 225 Ever have pain in your neck or head?  Constant aching or throbbing?  Brain Balm 225 will get you feelin' good fast.  Organic, clean and extremely quick acting.  Simply apply to the base of the neck, temples and/or hot spots, and rub in well.                                                                                                              Re-apply as desired

225 mg Cannabidiol per container


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