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Packed full with 50mg of Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil, this one of kind, organic, “no
bad stuff” deodorant adds in anti-inflammation and antimicrobial properties that supports a healthy and happy body. Free of residue and smells amazing, this deodorant truly is a game changer.

Geranium (baby powder smell) and Pine and Frankincense

May Benefit:
• Prevention of body odor
• Aids in detox of heavy metals
• Supports healthy lymphatic point
• Reduces free radicals
• Anti-Bacterial
• Anti-Microbial

Key Ingredients:
Organic Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil (50mg) (9mg)
Organic Shea Butter 
Organic Cocoa Butter 
Organic Pine and Frankincense Oil or Geranium Oil

Batch Information: 

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