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Tracee Box
Tracee Box


Owner, CEO

As a life-long entrepreneur, Tracee has an extensive background in business development, product development and manufacturing. In addition, as a trained nutritionist, she has worked within the wellness industry for the past 15 years serving others in her community move toward an even healthier lifestyle.

As an effective and powerful communicator she has the ability to rally and inspire others to meet and even exceed ones perceived potential. Tracee welcomes challenges as she sees them as an opportunity to become more and encourages others to do the same.

Together with her daughter, Dani, they embarked on an exciting new venture with Nature’s Root. Since then, Nature’s Root has captured Tracee’s attention and passion. She applies her strengths founded in the business world and her compassion released through the service aspects of helping others via the exceptional product line and the Nature’s Root Spa, the world first and only hemp-based spa.