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Dani Billings


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Dani Billings
Dani Billings



Dani Fontaine has become one of the most sought after Hemp Speakers and educators in the world. From North Carolina and Hawaii to Australia, she is a fierce advocate for the hemp plant for its many values and qualities for a sustainable, renewable and valuable, multi-use crop. Dani began her career 8 years ago in 2008. She and her mother, Tracee Box started the first organic edible company, called Tastee Yummees. Focusing on organic healthy and savory treats, the company quickly expanded to being in over 300 shops in the state of Colorado. By mid-2011, her mother went on to focus more on her nutrition background, while Dani took over the reins of the company. Teaming up with Cheeba Chews., making a sister company featuring Tastee Yummees’ top seller, the ever popular butterscotch candy, “The Buddee”, the recipe was sold to Cheeba Chews and Dani made her exit out of the MMJ industry.

With an ongoing passion to serve and help individuals with health challenges, Dani received her certification in massage therapy and esthetics, from the Aveda Institute in 2011. Her intention and goal being to establish a CBD and Hemp-based spa and healing center. As a result, she and her father, “Wild Bill”, started Colorado Hemp Project in 2013. They were one of the first successful hemp fields planted and harvested in the U.S. in almost 60 years. After seeing a field of beautiful green hemp plants, the next logical step was to begin developing a spectacularly healing, organic, hemp-based body care company. So, she and her mom teamed up once again. In 2013 Natures Root was founded. As an extension of her passion, the formulations for this product line stem from the creative brain power of this magnificent woman.

Dani is the face of the company, and is exceptional in the spheres of networking and social media. With her tenacity and constant positive attitude, she continues to plays an integral role in developing relationships and strategic partnership across the world for the cause of hemp. Working in close partnership with The Colorado Hemp Project, Dani is working on several fronts, including ventures in nine other states (Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida and NY), and two countries (Jamaica and Puerto Rico). Even with all that is going on, Dani says, she is ready for more. She says she feels like she hasn’t even gotten started.


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Dani Billings


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