Nature's Root Therapeutics is our signature line of therapeutic hemp products. Our blends offer the restorative capacities of the hemp plant, as we have mindfully harnessed its inherent properties. From lotions and balms to hemp oils and tinctures, we ensure a clean, organic, intuitive product that targets one's physical afflictions in a gentle yet powerful way.

Providing People with Natural Pain Relief

Nature's Root has crafted hemp therapeutics with all of our core values in mind. Our hemp muscle creams, topical hemp pain relief balms, and hemp lip balms are all made utilizing 100% Non-GMO organic materials, sustainably sourced from farms and recycled packaging, to guarantee our hemp therapeutics are the health-minded as well as eco-friendly choice. Nature's Root is so focused on creating the best organic hemp therapeutic products that we guarantee our therapeutic products as paraben free, 100% organic and gluten-free. Our therapeutic hemp products use blends that offer the restorative capacities of the hemp plant, as we have mindfully harnessed its inherent properties to craft hemp topicals that provide natural pain relief to soothe your aches. We offer a variety of solutions through our line of hemp therapeutics, ranging from hemp oil lip balm and sore muscle cream to hemp oil tinctures and wound care products.

Relief & Recovery with Therapeutic Hemp Products

Many are inexperienced with using topical options for natural pain relief and are therefore unsure of what benefits can be derived from such products. At Nature's Root, whether you're buying the product or procuring a spa service that uses them, we want to educate you on what comprises our products and why. It's important to us that our clients understand why therapeutic hemp products are being used at facilities within our Spa Network and what benefits they can expect to get out of using our brand. We have considered a wide variety of differing ailments in developing our therapeutic products, which is why we have crafted topical products for natural pain relief, as well as our muscle cream, various salves, hemp oil body lotions, and more.

Natural Remedies for Anxiety

In addition to the natural pain-relieving qualities that our blends possess, our hemp oils are also used as natural remedies for anxiety. There are many ways to treat anxiety, but few are more effective and better for you or the environment than the natural remedies for anxiety that Nature's Root offers. We take great pride in the natural remedies we provide for our customers whose lives are impacted by anxiety. Suffer from the side effects of anti-anxiety medications no longer. There is a better way to deal with anxiety, and Nature's Root has the natural remedies to help you do exactly that.

Additionally, we go so far as to have hemp oil for wound care products and even balms to relieve the pain of new tattoos. No matter what you may be looking to address through the use of our therapeutic hemp products, we can discuss with you the therapeutic products themselves, proper use, duration of use, and answer any of your questions to ensure you are comfortable with our therapeutic hemp products. Whether you're seeking relief for aches and pains, or a natural remedy for the anxiety that afflicts you, we will see to it that you understand our products and what benefits they can provide you.