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Superfood Chlorella Tablets-Wholesale

The perfect balance of organic ingredients, Chlorella and Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil, blended together creates what we like to call a “super-tablet”. Supporting a number of ailments, this product is a must have for everyone.

May Benefit:
• Reduces inflammation and pain
• Prevention of headaches or migraines
• Improves headaches or migraines
• Aids in detox process
• Improves mental alertness and focus
• Reduces feeling of anxiety and depression
• Reduces free radicals
• Improves restfulness
• Increases recovery time and healing process
• Improves balance to mind and body
• May reduce hot flashes 

Key Ingredients: 
Organic Chlorella 
Non-GMO Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil (10mg per serving) 

Batch Information: 
Expiration: 02/20



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