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From 100% organic industrial hemp Nature’s Root Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil Tinctures are the perfect way to experience the benefits of hemp, in a way that is
convenient to use and also tastes great. Our tinctures will not separate
and are free from the strong oily aftertaste that most experience with
other brands.

Our lighter tasting versions our similar to a Grade A maple syrup in the sense that through processing we have removed most of the fats and terpenes creating a lighter impact on the body while reducing your pain.10mg per serving.

Similar to Grade B maple syrup, our Amber (non-flavored) Oil is derived from the 1st run of hemp oil. Packed with all the benefits the hemp plant has to offer, including fats and terpenes, providing a fuller impact to the body while reducing more chronic pain. 25mg per serving. 

May Benefit:
• Pain Reliever
• Improves mental health
• Anti-bacterial
• Antioxidant rich
• Enhances clarity and alertness
• Decreases side effects of THC
• Restorative balance to internal body
• Enhance mental clarity
• Neuro-protectant

Key Ingredients:
Organic MCT Oil
Non-GMO Cannabidiol Rich Hemp Oil 


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