Nature's Root body care collection offers inspired organic body care products, incorporating unique properties of the hemp plant from the oil to the seed. In addition, essential and nourishing oils are included in our hemp body care products for additional benefits.  This line stands alone, surpassing quality of over other hemp body care lines and providing tangible results for your skin. Prepare yourself to be amazed at how our organic body care products can invigorate, nourish and restore you. Additionally, we offer hemp body care products for men and women so everyone has something to utilize.

Organic Body Care Products

All of Nature’s Root quality organic hemp body care products are handcrafted from locally sourced hemp. Our origins are hemp, and its versatility in crafting organic body care products.  We focus on organic and sustainable methods of farming and hemp body care production because we love our local Colorado environment and wish to preserve it.  We work with a variety of companies to acquire our organically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. Whether it be the men's body lotion or that hemp lip balm you’ve been looking for, quality procured ingredients is what matter to us. Sustainability, local sourcing and organic production methods are cornerstones to our hemp body care products.

Nature’s Root was founded on the idea that organic solutions for hemp body care can not only replace traditional body care products but exceed them in quality and natural benefits. Our body care philosophy prohibits the use of sulfates, parabens or gluten in our plant based, hemp brand.

CBD Oils in Hemp Body Care Products

Hemp body care products offer many benefits, including the advantages of CBD oils. CBD oil, or canibidial oil, is an oil derived from the hemp plant.  CBD oil has no psychoactive effect, rather CBD oil used in hemp body care products is proven to be more soothing and help relieve pain.  Nature’s Root uses CBD oil properties to create organic body care products as natural pain relievers and soothe troubled areas.

Types of Organic Body Care Products

The products in our hemp body care collection come in many forms to suit your specific needs.  Nature’s Root offers the following organic body care products utilizing our local hemp and sustainable sourced organic materials:  hemp lotions to soothe and reinvigorate your skin, a coffee scrub utilizing the unique qualities of coffee and hemp for exfoliation, as well as body care balms to help recover and refresh. Nature’s Root also lovingly crafts a hemp body care product to ease tattoo recovery. Whether you’re looking for a hemp men’s lotion, skim balm for yourself or our skin balm for men to smooth out the rough edges of the man in your life, we have you covered. We incorporate hemp into all our body care products whether it’s a lip balm or body scrub. We believe in the benefits of using hemp and translate that passion into all of our mens’ and womens’ products that we carry.