Nature’s Root offers a variety of organic, hemp, and therapeutic phytocannabidiol rich hemp products.  Our handcrafted beauty products and skin care products come in different varieties including hemp spa products, balms and oils, , lotions, and scrubs, all created to soothe, refresh, restore and invigorate your inner and outer beauty. 

Additionally, we offer several categories of therapeutic products for internal use such as our organically flavored tinctures and amber gel capsules. Of course, we would be remiss if we did not offer products for your furry friends as well. 

Natural Options for Everyone

Nature’s Root sells hemp products with natural, organic ingredients so whether you’re getting a Nature's Root spa treatment at one of our network locations or shopping our selection to try something new, you can rest assured that no harmful additives or chemicals are at play as quality ingredients are a priority for us.

Creating this brand wasn’t just about creating natural hemp products, but more so developing something people could believe in and count on to get actual results.

Start Exploring

Feel free to explore our inventory.  We have new and fresh product offerings throughout the year so we encourage you to seek out our latest line-up. Finally, we invite you take a look at the first-ever Hemp Spa Network as well as our Retail Locator to find Nature's Root products and spa treatments nearest you.